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Design & Build

Design & Build

Your new home should reflect your personality, so when you choose to build with Harwood Homes, we’ll work with you to create any style or design you want.

Bring your ideas to us and we’ll turn them into reality!  We’ll design a home for your site optimising space, sunlight and views.  A home to suit your lifestyle, personality and budget whilst offering you ultimate flexibility.

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Here's what's involved...

  1. Initial consultation - we will undertake a needs analysis covering your budget, desired style, and the design and functionality of your home. 

  2. Site visit – whether it’s a section you own or one you are considering buying, we will carry out a free site visit.

  3. Designing your home – we will work with you on developing a Concept Plan and quoting specification sheet designing a home exactly to your requirements.  We’ll guide you through our three ranges to choose from.

  4. Final Working Drawings and Fixed Price Contract – once you are comfortable with the original Concept Plan, Final Working Drawings and a quoting specification sheet are completed.  We can then accurately cost your new home. 

  5. Presentation - a detailed Specification book with products and fixtures in your home will be presented along with a proposal.  Your Contract and Guarantee documents will be prepared ready for signing. You will have the opportunity to consult with your solicitor.

  6. Contract signing - A meeting is held to finalise the Building Contract and Master Build Guarantee.

  7. Building consent and permits - Once the Contracts are signed, Harwood Homes will organise the relevant permits and consents required. You won’t need to do any of this yourself – we’ll save you the time and hassle by taking care of it for you.

  8. Colour consultancy - While the permits are being approved, it is a good time to meet with our Colour Consultant to talk through all those important decisions involving the look and feel of the interior and exterior of your new home.

  9. Consents are issued and house building begins - As soon as consents come through, we’ll have your materials, products and building team ready to begin your new home build.

  10. Once your project commences, our hand-picked team of specialists work alongside you through every facet of your home's design, construction and finish.  It's about total involvement regarding every detail of your home and needs.

  11. Harwood Homes stands behind its homes. Not only do we offer the Ten Year Standard Masterbuild Guarantee, our team of builders and subcontractors stand behind their workmanship and will respond to any issues arising.


Popular Designs

Popular timeless designs hand picked from our collection of plans.

Looking for a home design with a proven track record? Here’s a hand-picked selection of our most popular designs which have been top of the list with other home buyers.


Two & Three Storey

Living solutions throughout multi level homes.

Taking comfort to another level, these 2 and 3 storey plans make efficient use of even the smallest sites.


Lifestyle Homes

Lifestyle homes acknowledging the space and surroundings.

Generously proportioned and creating a dramatic first impression, the Lifestyle plans acknowledge space and surroundings. The Lifestyle range is perfect for lifestyle blocks, rural settings or large suburban sections.


Themed - Character Homes

Individual styles defined by their charm and character.

Authentic individually styled themed and character house plans defined by their personality and charm.

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary design flexibility allowing individual expression.

Catering to modern style living our range of Contemporary plans are designed to suit the modern urban environment. These plans feature clean design lines and a unique approach for large and small sites.

Premium Entry Level Homes

Premium homes designed for the budget conscious.

Whether you are looking to build for the first time, downsize for retirement or just wanting to build a smaller home, our Premium Entry Level plans offer a selection of affordable and budget conscious choices.

Spring Series

Our new collection of fresh, contemporary plans make modern living easier than ever before. Using the latest innovations in construction these plans have their own unique style. The Spring Series homes are as reasonable to build as they are pleasant to live in.

Coastal Series

Thoughtfully designed and carefully considered for the environment, the Coastal series range of plans are not only simply stylish, but blend light and airy with a sense of serenity.