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We’ve Built a Well-Earned Reputation

Harwood Homes has a great reputation for building quality homes - but don't just take our word for it... Here’s what our customers are saying...

Darryl & Avalon Guy
24 July 2015
After visiting several showhomes in the Tauranga area Harwood Homes caught our eye because of the quality of workmanship and finish. Our initial contact was with Robyn Ford.  She discussed with us what we... read more >
Jack & Denise Derrick
10 July 2015
In the past building a house had never been on our list of "must-do's".  It was during this time of disinterest that I heard two separate unsolicited comments about Harwood Homes.  One comment... read more >
Anne Withy
1 July 2015
I am just LOVING living here.  The reasons I chose this design have ensured I have such a sunny, warm house that more than adequately meets my needs when I'm here on my own, but is equally accommodating when... read more >
Alistair & Annette Buchanan
29 June 2015
Our decision to build with Harwood Homes was made after a visit to "The Lakes" exhibition home.  The quality finish, workmanship in the build and the detail in the design, sold Harwood Homes to... read more >
Julian Laking
25 February 2015
My first Home….but probably not my last! I’ve always wanted to build my own home but, the minute you mention this to friends you’re regaled with stories of first home mistakes and budget over... read more >
Allister & Ainslie Sutton
13 July 2014
Nothing was complicated.  From the very first time we met - we found Robyn a lovely person. Dave and Robyn came to the old family home (where Allister grew up) - Dave had a clipboard.  He didn’t seem... read more >
Bob & Teresa Burt
24 June 2013
Thank you for the opportunity to express how much we enjoyed our experience working with the team at Harwood Homes. Bob and I visited your showhomes at The Lakes and were very impressed with the finish, high... read more >
Tony, Kim and Eden Keyte
10 May 2013
When planning our beach house, we approached a number of housing companies.  Our first consultation was with Harwood Homes at their Lakes Showhome.  Meeting Robyn Ford and Dave Harwood left us feeling... read more >
Murray Smith & Jo Lines
6 May 2013
Our first introduction to Harwood Homes was their Rexford Heights, Showhome at The Lakes, which we walked through a couple of years ago.  We were impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail.  We... read more >
Neville & Lynne Whitworth
11 December 2012
We have recently finished building with Harwood Homes. Our decision to go with Harwood's was based on their ability to listen and come up with a plan that fitted our rough sketch without adaptations and... read more >
Craig and Marianne Hammond
7 November 2012
Just a note to say thanks very much for building us such a wonderful home!  We just love it!  It’s lovely and spacious.  I can’t wait to fill it up with more furnishings and... read more >
Anita Thorpe
28 September 2012
Many years ago I can recall viewing the first show home Dave Harwood built and my thoughts at that time were, ‘I am going to have a Harwood one day’.  The exceptional attention to detail and the high... read more >
Justin & Nicki Harding
28 September 2012
As our first experience of building a home, this one has been really enjoyable. The whole design and build process was very smooth and the design integrity of the house was maintained throughout.  Even... read more >
Val and Gib Barron
28 September 2012
Our experience with Dave and his team was a great journey . Having not ever built a new home was very daunting at the start but any apprehensions were put to rest very quickly . Harwoods attention to detail ,... read more >
Bev & Alan Arnold
28 September 2012
Our new home built by Dave Harwood Homes and his chosen team of builders, sub contractors, managers, and consultants, can only be described as totally professional with a five star plus rating. Our introduction... read more >
Ruth & Murray Hamilton
28 September 2012
“The Harwood Home Team all have been fabulous to work with from the planning through to the finish of our new home.  We have been extremely pleased with the end result and are delighted with the high... read more >
Eric & Anita
28 September 2012
Our experience with Harwood Homes began after we had spent a few days looking at existing homes with a real estate agent in Papamoa. It was our hope to move from Auckland to Papamoa. The first home we looked at... read more >
Carl & Annalisa Shepherd
28 September 2012
This was our first experience of building a new home.  We particularly appreciated the quality of workmanship and attention to detail during the building process - no stone was left unturned to make sure that we... read more >
Graham and Wendy Richardson
28 September 2012
Initially we didn’t think we could afford Harwood Homes.  In our short time of being in New Zealand we had heard of their excellent reputation and high standards.  But to our delight and absolute... read more >
Phil and Debbie Gillbanks
28 September 2012
Initially looking for a property to buy, we frequently observed properties advertised for sale highlighting the home as a “Harwood built home” in its sales and marketing.  Unable to find a property... read more >
John & Jeanetta Bergh
28 September 2012
Dear Dave & Team Today is the one year celebration of living in our lovely Harwood Home.  Where did our journey with Harwood begin, most certainly not one year ago!  While spending time recovering... read more >
Raewyn & John Langstone
27 September 2012
As we came close to our move in date we were asked if our being so involved during the building process detracted from the excitement of moving into our new home.  Now, three months after our move in date, we... read more >
Roger & Francesca Gee
27 September 2012
We decided to build a home when we moved to Tauranga but at that time had no knowledge of building companies in the area.  After a recommendation and extensive enquiries we decided to build with Harwood Homes, a... read more >
Joel & Diane Jacobson
27 September 2012
When we decided to build our second home there was no doubt in our mind of which building company we woud choose for our new home.  We knew of Harwood Homes reputation, their award winning show homes and the... read more >
Les & Suzanne Vickery
28 August 2012
When viewing the show home of Harwood Home in The Lakes area - our initial thought was that our budget would not be enough - after a friendly and informative consultation with the home consultant we found that we... read more >